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Poetry March 2018

Photo of Mom on the beach 1950 by Kathleen Strafford Leaving for the Airport by Kathleen Strafford What the Dead think of Cats by Oz Hardwick Unnatural History by Oz Hardwick What to Look for in Spring by Oz Hardwick table High Functioning by F. R. Kesby a walk before bed by Jim Bennett Houston by John Grey Supplication by Jim Zola The Map Lied by Hannah Stone Lunaria annua by Mike Farren Huntress moon by Mike Farren Something about rain by Paul Vaughan Learning to Swim by Gill Lambert Poignancies of August by William Doreski Boxing a Kiss by William Doreski Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Kenneth Pobo The Newspaper Is Leaves by Danny P. Barbare World Book Day by Ali Jones No Safety Pin by Lisa Poff Thou art a boil by Mark Connors Houston, Texas Harker by Ian Harker Lambing Time by Jimmy Andrex Maremma by Brandon Marlon Woodlands by Edwin Stockdale Still Faintly Ringing by Robert Beveridge The Spires of Prague by Craig Paulenich Ottokar by Craig Paulenich Advice by Steve Klepetar My final autumn by Meg Smith Galapagos Tortoise by Michael Estabrook Room 513 by Marc Darnell The Wireless Talks to Itself by Devon Balwit Willing by Devon Balwit Experimental Girl by Ben Nardolilli Grandmother's footsteps by Sharon Phillips Transcript of The Return Call I Made to the Wrong Number That Called Me by Rich Boucher Gardens Will Break Your Heart by John Riley bereavement by SK Iyer