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CD Walkman in the Rain


One problem I used to have

Was my CD Walkman in the rain.

I worried about rain hitting it

And it blowing up or electrocuting me,

The silver disc-shaped Walkman surrounded suddenly

By a blue crackling spaghetti of electricity,

Electrocuting my hands which were stuck to it

By conduction, or me dropping it to the floor

And it smashing, my hands blackened.

One solution was to clip it to your belt

And let your coat hang over it, if your coat

Was long and waterproof enough. But my CD Walkman

Never felt secure on a belt, maybe because

The clip wasn’t as good as on the old tape one, or maybe

Because the Walkman itself felt more vulnerable,

A more complex, more delicate technology,

And more expensive. You could also put it

In your coat pocket, if your pocket was deep enough

Or if it zipped. Or you could tuck it under your coat

And hold it there, your hand pressing it in place

By your ribs. But all these were only feasible

If you had a hood, so that rainwater didn’t hit your headphones

And the water and electricity didn’t combine

To zap your brain. It’s awkward and ungainly, the whole thing,

But worth it to have cool songs playing in your head

As you walk along like a soundtrack.